What Causes Blinking Blue Light of Death in PS4 Console and How to Fix it

what causes blue light of death in ps 4 and how to fix it
Hello all ! This time I will share information about what causes blinking blue light of death in PS4 console.

The mystery why some PlayStation ( PS ) 4 which experienced the "Blue Light of Death " and the console  powered down on its own, seems to have been solved. The Sony claimed to have discovered the cause of both problems.
According to Satoshi Nakajima, a spokesman for Sony, the defective PS4 is likely damaged upon shipment to the retail stores.

According to Satoshi, the number of damaged PS4 units in the first phase of delivery are not much. PS4 consoles which are experiencing this problem are claimed less than 1 percent.
So, Sony collaborated with Amazon to resolve the issue.

Previously, some early buyers admitted to having problems in PS4 units they bought. A small portion of consumers admitted they bought the console which can not transmit signals to the television picture and sound, despite the PS4 indicator light has turned to blue. Just for the record, if the PS4 issued a blue color, then it means that this device has been lit.

Several other consumer reported that the latest Sony's console they had bought were automatically shut down.

PS4 itself has been officially sold in the North American market from November 15, 2013 and got outstanding sales in the amount of 1 million units in just 24 hours of launching sales . This console was sold at a price of $399 at that time, 100 dollars cheaper than their arch-rivals, the Xbox One.

How to fix blinking blue light of death in PS4

Do not want those problems hamper the potential buyers PS4, Sony today released a temporary solution to address the incidence of blinking blue lights. The blinking of the blue LED lights are generally caused by a problem of compatibility between televisions with PS4, problems of power supply, HDD PS4, or other problems of the hardware in the PS4.

For compatibility issues with televisions, Sony said that a number of users indicates that the firmware update of their televisions would soon solve the problem. For the problem of power supply and HDD, the user can access the user forum page on the official website of Sony's PS4, which includes tightening the screws solution while retaining the HDD, or replace the power cable used in power supply.

Sony stressed that they currently continue to monitor the main causes of these problems and routinely ask for feedback from users about problems that arise in the PS4 console them in detail, ranging from the type of television they used to where they buy the PS4.

   So, that what causes blinking blue light of death in PS4 console, and how to fix it. Hopefully this article useful for my friends who have already bought the console PS4 and found malfunction in the console.

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