What Causes Breast Pain During Period

what causes breast pain during period
Breast pain or mastalgia is a common complaint experienced by women, it can be a pain, stabbed, burned, or tight in the breast. Although breast pain can also be experienced by women after menopause, but is more common in younger women, or women in premenopause, and perimenopause stage. These pain may occur days to weeks in a month, usually before menstruation, but can also be felt throughout the menstrual cycle.

Some of the causes of breast pain include:

    Fluctuations in reproductive hormones. Cyclical breast pain (cyclical) likely to have a strong relationship with the menstrual cycle. Pain which is influenced by hormones usually decrease or even disappear altogether during pregnancy or after menopause.
    Anatomical structure of the breast. Pain is not usually caused by cyclical several things that affect the structure of the breast, such as the presence of cysts, which causes bruising clash, fibroadenoma, history of previous breast surgery, or other factors that are confined to the breast.
    Impaired organ outside the breast. The pain can also come from outside the organs of the breast, chest wall, for example, the chest muscles, joints, and heart. The pain then spreads to the breast so as to be confused with the pain of the breast itself.
    Fatty acid imbalance. The imbalance of fatty acids in the cell can influence the sensitivity of breast tissue to hormones circulating in the blood.
    Side effects of drugs. Some medications may cause pain in the breast, such as antidepressants, and hormone therapy of estrogen and progesterone.
    Breast size is too large. Breast pain can be accompanied by pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Causes of Breast Pain During Period

If you feel the pain become more severe when approaching menstruation and decreased thereafter, the probable cause is the effect of reproductive hormones. Just before menstruation, breast gland also enlarge as a result of racing hormones, so it is sometimes considered as breast lumps (one symptom of breast cancer). The gland will shrink after menstruation. Therefore, clinical breast examination is recommended a few days after menstruation to avoid misinterpretation.

Several steps can be taken independently to reduce breast pain during period or not include:

  • Compress pain sections with hot or cold compress.
  • Using the appropriate bra size with a good crutch.
  • Using sports bras when exercising.
  • Consume over-the-counter pain medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. However, you should consult with your doctor how long and how much you should consume these drugs.

If the breast pain still persist in the next month, or become more sever, or if you still can feel breast lumps after the menstrual cycle, then we recommend you to request re-examination by a physician to determine the cause of the pain.

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