What Causes Bags Under Eyes | Home Remedies and Treatment

To get rid eye bags effectively you need to know in advance what causes of bags under eyes that you experienced, so that you can remove it and also preventing eye bags from appearing again.

There are various causes of eye bags, eye bags that suddenly appear are usually caused by lack of sleep, most sleep, worked too long in front of computers, lack of drinking water and eating a lot of salty foods (salt/sodium). In some cases, bags under eyes can be caused by genetic / hereditary and aging process.

The problem at the bags under the eyes are usually just a cosmetic issue and rarely caused by a serious medical condition. But usually doctors will detect and eliminate the possibility of other causes that can contribute to swelling, such as kidney or thyroid problems, infections, or allergies.

Normally, bags under eyes form a mild swelling, saggy skin, and blackish on the lower eyelids so that it can make you look ugly. That's why many women seek a way on how to remove bags under eyes fast.

Bags Under Eyes Home Remedies and Treatment

Cold compresses.
Dampen a clean cloth towel with cold water / ice. Then stick with light pressure at the bottom of the eyelid for 5-10 minutes. Cold compresses will affect the blood vessels in order to shrink and tight surrounding tissue to reduce or even remove eye bags.

Sliced ​​Cucumber
First wash the cucumbers with liquid soap for washing fruits and vegetables, then use a clean knife to slice ​​cucumber with a thickness of 1/4-inch. Close your eyes with cucumber slices while lying down and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

Drinking Water
Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day for adults to prevent lack of fluids or dehydration, because dehydration can cause the formation of eye bags.

Get enough sleep at night.
For adults, the optimal duration of sleep is seven to eight hours a day and preferably in bed at night.

Sleep with your head slightly raised.
Sleep with a pillow. The principle utilizes gravity to help prevent fluid accumulates around the eyes while you sleep. This can help remove eye bags and could prevent it from coming back.

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