What Causes Hair Loss in Women

As a woman, hair is one precious thing that you should take care of. That's why you should be aware if one day you find many of your hair has fallen, there are many causes involved. Now, try to identify the causes from the article 'what causes hair loss in women' below.

The statistic of women who struggling with baldness and hair loss are rising. There are 30 million women who experience hair thinning in US.

Not just old women over 50, many young women below 30 are affected with hair loss problem. Now tell me, what exactly makes the women's hair easily separated from its roots?

Here I list some causes and medical conditions that can cause women to lose hair:

- Hair-growth cycle is not balance

Our hair grow around half inch / month. This phase is lasting for total of 2-6 years including period of growth and rest before the hair loss and hair follicles start to grow new hair.

However, for some women who inherit genetic factor from their parents, they are more susceptible to hair loss as a result of abnormal hair growth process. Androgen hormone interfere and disrupt the cycle.

- Pregnancy and childbirth

Telogen effluvium is the condition which make many women experience temporary hair loss for around 3 months after delivery. Do not worry, after a few month the hair will back to normal.

- Hormonal issue

Hormone imbalance can also cause hair loss. This happen when your thyroid gland is overactive or underactive. The loss usually will automatically stop if the thyroid imbalance is resolved. Hair will also fall out when there are imbalance in androgen and estrogen hormones. By treating hormone imbalance correctly you can stop the loss of your hair.

- Drugs and Medication

Sometimes several kinds of drugs and medications could have bad side effects for your hair. Nevertheless, you don't need to worry, everything will return to normal after the medication is stopped. Types of drugs that can cause hair loss include gout medications, blood thinners, antidepressants, too much vitamin A, chemotherapy drugs, and contraceptive pills (birth control can also causes hair loss)

- Infection

Several kinds of infections can be the cause of hair loss in children. Fungal infections of the scalp is one of the examples. You can easily treat this by taking anti-fungal drugs.

- Autoimmune diseases cause hair loss

Remember, hair loss can also be a symptom of disease. Diabetes or Lupus is the most frequent disease which causes hair loss in women.

- Poor eating habits / vitamin deficiency causes hair loss

Women's hair can also fall out because of poor nutrition. That's why do not go nuts with your diet habit. Although restoring healthy diet can stop the loss, it is still not adequate to re-grow hair.

- Emotional Disturbance

Traumatic or emotional event, such as death of someone you love, divorce, or even taking care of someone special which has serious illness can make hair loss for some women.

- Menopause Hair Loss

Menopause and Hair Loss almost can not be separated. Most women who experience menopause find their hair thinning.

If you experience hair thinning and losing a lot of hair when you comb, you should meet dermatologist quickly to find the root of your problem. It can sometimes be reversed when the root problems have been identified and treated correctly.


priyakiran said...

which remedy is best to use??

George said...

@priyakiran: It depends on the causes of your hair loss, some treatment will work for you, but will not work for others. I suggest you take a closer look of your possible causes, and start the treatment immediately. Seek advice from beauty doctor is the best option