What Causes White Vaginal Discharge, Diagnosis, and Treatments

what causes white vaginal discharge

1. What is White Vaginal Discharge (fluor albus)?

White vaginal discharge is the high secretion of fluid (not blood) from woman's vagina

2. Is White Vaginal Discharge always mean abnormality ?

Not always, white vaginal discharge can be normal/physiology but can also be abnormal/pathology.

Normal White Vaginal Discharge (Physiology)

What causes white vaginal discharge ?

Normal vaginal discharge consist of the secretion of vaginal tissue, cervical tissue, endocervical mucus, and good bacteria from the lactobacillus group. This vaginal secretion is natural, to get cleaned up, as a lubricant and defense of various infections.

Menstrual cycle affects the amount of fluid that comes out of the vagina. On egg maturation phase (follicular phase) the amount of fluid that comes out is increasing and reaches its peak at the time of ovulation. After that, the quality of the liquid will be thicker.

normal white vaginal discharge

The characteristics of normal vaginal discharge
Whiteness is relatively normal when:
1. In liquid shape / aqueous
2. Clear or slightly white color
3. Few in number
4. Almost odorless
5. pH Acid, between 3.8 to 4.5
6. Not cause itching or pain.

Abnormal White Vaginal Discharge (Pathology)

What causes abnormal vaginal discharge?

1. Poor hygiene
2. The use of drugs in a long time, especially antibiotics
3. stress
4. Infection. Can be caused by bacteria, gonorrhoe, Trichomonas parasite, Candida fungi and viruses (HPV, Herpes, AIDS)
5. Cervical cancer
what causes abnormal vaginal discharge
Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

The characteristics of abnormal vaginal discharge / Pathology
Whiteness can be classified as abnormal when:

1. Having viscous form
2. Milky white, yellow or green
3. In large quantities
4. Smells
5. Cause genital itching and sometimes pain in the surrounding
6. Containing blood

Hazardous Impact and Complications of Abnormal White Vaginal Discharge / Pathological
When vaginal infections are not managed properly it can spread to the upper reproductive system, triggering inflammation, clogging holes and channels of reproductive system. This can lead to infertility / sterility.

Further Test to Detect Abnormal Vaginal Discharge / Pathological
To ascertain the cause of abnormal vaginal discharge then the doctor will suggest vaginal examination and Pap Smear test, in some cases they should continue to conduct bacteria culture and resistance test.

How to Overcome Whitish ?

1. Without Drugs

     Keeping the genital area clean and hygienic
     Avoid bathing in public pools
     Use of cotton underwear, do not use tight underwear.
     Reduce stress

2. With Drugs
Consult with your doctor because your doctor will give you medicine according to the cause of vaginal discharge that you experience. If after treatment of your doctor (generally with antibiotics and anti-fungal) white never goes away, then it should be checked again. Continuous discharge can be caused because of serious diseases such as cervical cancer. It is usually characterized by a lot of fluids, foul odor, often with no fresh blood.

After you know what causes white vaginal discharge, I hope you become more careful in keeping your reproductive organ clean and healthy.


Unknown said...

Is white vaginal discharge is a pre malignant condition?

George said...

whitish is common and not contagious. However, if you often experience it and the fluid comes from your vagina is under certain characteristics like I mentioned, you should consult with your doctor. White vaginal discharge can be a sign of serious problems like yeast infection, and even cervical cancer