What Causes Headaches ? Symptoms & Treatments

No one never experienced headache. Headache is pain or discomfort in the head which can spread to the neck, face, and jaw. Headache is the most complaint that patient has during their visit to their doctor. Most cases of headaches are not caused by dangerous diseases and brain damage Causes of headache are varied, the intensity and the accompanying symptoms are also different from patient to patient, so interview and complete examination is needed in order to achieve right diagnosis and effective treatment.

The Causes of Headaches

Headaches can be divided into two :
  1. Primary headache
    90 % of headaches are from primary class. In this class, the headaches are not because there are disorder in our body organ. There are several headaches classified in this class, which are:
    • Tension Headache
    • Migrain, could be caused by lack of sleep
    • Cluster Headache
  2. Secondary headache Secondary headaches are caused by disorder in our body organ. They might be because there are disorder in our eyes (glaucoma), nose (sinusitis), ears, teeth, head bumped, meningitis, also brain cancer. Hypertension is also common cause of headache. If you have hypertension, and get frequent headache, I suggest you to measure your blood pressure on a daily basis to ascertain the cause of your headache, such as Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

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