What Causes Yawning ?

what causes excessive yawning
what causes excessive yawning

Frequent yawning does not mean you already feel sleepy, that is why sleeping is not always being the solution. Feeling sleepy can be one signal of our subconscious indicating that our bodies are lack of movement.

Working more than 5 hours before computer, could make us feel sleepy. Feeling sleepy is one of the indicators that our brain is lack of oxygen, which might be caused by overeating.

Lack of oxygen in brain can reduce alertness and concentration towards work and situation around us. If there is too much food we eat, stomach will be full, so the main concentration of the body is just to decompose food.

If a lot of oxygen used to decompose food, there would be a big chance that another part of body, like brain, will experience oxygen deficiency. The emerging signal will be constant yawning.

To prevent that condition, it’s better to avoid overeating. Keep eating main meals third times a day, with snacks between main meals, but the portion should be adjusted with your gastric capacity. With regular diet, our gastric will function optimally, so it would be able to get used to when to process food and to rest.

Consumption of three servings of main meals and two small snacks types, can keep blood sugar and energy levels stable throughout the day. In contrast, eating large meals at once, even though the schedule is reduced to twice a day, will directly increase blood sugar levels. It is actually dangerous.

Some things happen when yawning. Jaws that open enable a deep breath. It is, though momentarily, creating greater pressure in the lungs.

Most of the disorders associated with yawning originate from the central nervous system, ie epilepsy, encephalitis, or brain tumor. Yawning can also be a sign of vasovagal reaction. It could also be a sign of anxiety or boredom.

People yawn for a variety of reasons. It does not necessarily mean sleepy.
Scientist believes yawning can help us be more alert to immediately put in oxygen to the brain. It’s because yawning is a sign of decreased amount of oxygen in the brain, which can make us hard to concentrate.

Other scientist think, actually yawning helps regulate body temperature. By yawning, there are a process of raising tension and heart rate.

Generally, yawning is not dangerous, although it can also be a sign of a serious medical condition. People who have neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL) will yawn more often than normal people. People with low blood pressure, for example, approximately 90/60 mmHg, also tend to frequent yawning followed drowsiness. Low blood pressure also makes people often dizzy, tired, and gets a blurred vision.

Low blood pressure makes the lack of blood that the heart pumped. The less blood the heart pumped, the lower the blood pressure. As a result, the heart or the brain is deprived of oxygen and the man will experience excessive yawning, dizziness, or fatigue.

Frequent yawning could also because the reaction of radiation therapy for cancer, or the consumption of such drugs for Parkinson's disease. Some antidepressants such as paroxetine and setraline can cause excessive yawning. Interestingly, people with schizophrenia are seldom yawning.

Almost all vertebrate creatures always yawn. In fact, humans begin to yawn when the fetus is 11 weeks. However, if you often yawn do not hesitate to see a doctor, because excessive yawning could be a sign of serious illness. Yawning can be considered excessive if in 1 minute someone yawn 1-4 times.

Frequent yawning can be caused by fatigue due to extreme conditions. While, fatigue can apparently be associated with urinary tract infections, caused by Escherichia coli bacteria contamination. If you often yawn exceed normal limits, try to check the urine to the doctor. Who knew you are having UTI (urinary tract infection).

Strict diet until the body is not getting enough nutrition can also trigger fatigue. Eating a balanced diet in portions would make normal blood sugar levels maintained, and drowsiness will not approach.

It is suggested to choose complex carbohydrates in order to get enough energy. Eating too much white rice, noodles, cakes, or bread, which is included in the row of simple carbohydrates even inviting sleepiness.

Fatigue can also be caused by the intake of foods that can trigger allergies. In addition, consumption of caffeine can also make weary body become wearier.

In conclusion, what causes yawning can be listed like this:

·    Fatigue
·    Overeating
·    Disorder in Central Nervous System, ie: epilepsy, encephalitis, or brain tumor
·    Anxiety or boredom
·    Neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL)
·    Low blood pressure
·    Reaction of radiation therapy for cancer
·    Consumption of such drugs for Parkinson's disease
·    Some antidepressants such as paroxetine and setraline
·    Urinary Tract Infection

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