What Causes Fatigue and The Solutions

what causes tiredness
What causes fatigue – During your daily activity, do you often feels tired accompanying with frequent yawning? This may happen due to drowsiness or less rest. However, there are many other causes that can contribute to fatigue.

The following are the causes of fatigue:

Do not get enough sleep

Generally adults need seven to eight hours a day for sleep. Lack of sleep may cause you to feel sleepy during the day. Remember, lack of sleep would be bad for your health and concentration.
The fix: Prioritize and schedule regular bedtime for sleep. You may also keep your cell phone, laptop or tablet away when you sleep. It will help reduce disturbance during sleep.

Sleep Apnea

Some people think that they had enough sleep. However, they never thought that they have sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea is one of common sleep disorders which often indicated by difficulty of breathing that occur repeatedly. You may not realize it, but if you experience sleep apnea, the quality of your sleep appear to decline every time you sleep. This leads to fatigue and tiredness during your day despite having spent eight hours for rest.
Sleep apnea is also associated with several diseases, such as diabetes, heart problems, stroke and hypertension. Sleep apnea occurs due to narrowing of the airway during sleep. Therefore, the necessary oxygen supply will be repeatedly interrupted throughout the night.
Sleep Apnea Solution: reduce weight if you are overweight, stop smoking, and try to sleep using a tool called a CPAP that keeps you breathing throughout the night.

Lacks of Energy

Eating too little causes body to easily feel tired, but consuming wrong foods may also bring a problem. A balanced diet will help keeping blood sugar level within the normal range and prevent fatigue, since diabetes can also trigger tiredness during your day.
Solution: Always breakfast every morning and at try to add protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal. In example, you can eat whole wheat toast with eggs inside. You may also consider eating snacks between your meal times. This will maintain your energy throughout the day.


Anemia is a major cause of fatigue in women. It is because bleeding during menstruation can lead to iron deficiency. Remember, Iron has very important role to produce erythrocites (red blood cells) in our body, which will carry oxygen to tissues and organs.
How to cope with anemia: anemia usually caused by lack of iron in our blood. You'll want to outsmart this by taking iron supplements and eating iron-rich foods, e.g.  liver, meat, nuts, iron-fortified cereals, and shellfish.


You might think that depression is just one of emotional disorders. However, this was also associated with physical symptoms. Common physical symptoms are headaches, loss of appetite, and fatigue. I suggest you to consult a doctor / psychologist if your depression and tiredness last more than two weeks.
How to cope with depression: depression can be addressed through psychotherapy and medical treatment.


Thyroid is a small gland at the base of your neck. This organ serves to control the body's metabolism and regulate the speed of converting food into energy. Whenever thyroid gland not properly functioning and metabolic functions in the body are running slow, you may feel sluggish and gain weight.
Solution: if blood tests show your thyroid hormone is low, your doctor may prescribe synthetic hormones to restore your body's performance.

Consume too much caffeine

Caffeine in reasonable doses can increase alertness and concentration. However, consuming caffeine excessively can increase heart rate, blood pressure, and stress level. Based on research, consuming too much caffeine can also cause fatigue in some people.
How to cope: gradually reduce the consumption of tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate and other drugs containing caffeine. Remember, stopping suddenly may cause excessive fatigue due to caffeine withdrawal.

Urinary Tract Infection

If you've ever experienced a urinary tract infection (UTI), you may experience a burning pain. However, this infection are not always indicated by that symptom. In some cases, fatigue may be the only sign you get UTI. You can do a urine test to make sure that the main causes of your fatigue is UTI.
Solution for UTI: see a doctor. Medications such as antibiotics for UTI can be prescribed and fatigue usually will disappear after about a week.


People with diabetes generally have high blood sugar levels, but the blood sugar remains in the bloodstream and does not enter into the cells so it cannot be converted into energy. As a result, the body can run out of energy even though you are eating enough. If you often feel tired unreasonably, I would suggest you to take the diabetes test.
How to cope: the treatment of diabetes by changing lifestyle, such as diet and exercise, insulin therapy and medication can help the body to process sugar.


Fatigue can be a sign of dehydration you. Even though you're working out or resting before a table, the body still needs water to work properly. Signs of dehydration are thirst, dry throat and exhaustion.
How to cope: drink water throughout the day so that your urine bright colored. Consume more water before doing physical activities that have been planned. Then, continue doing your activities, then drink two more glasses.

Heart Disease

When you feel extreme fatigue due to routine tasks, such as cleaning the house or cutting grass in the yard, it might be a sign that your heart doesn't work properly. If it turns out daily activities became more difficult which usually are easy to do, consult your doctor.
Solution: change lifestyle, get treatment, and follow the procedure of the therapy that you undergo to get your heart in better shape and at the same time restore your energy.

Work "Shift"  

Working nights or do shift work can disrupt your sleep clock. It's understandable that you will get tired when it's the time for you to be awake. Also, you may find it's hard to sleep during the day. It's normal, since your sleeping clock twisted.
Solution: limit activity during the day when you need rest. Create your bedroom's atmosphere into a dark, quiet, and cool bedroom.

Food Allergy

Some doctors believe that for some people certain foods can make them to feel drowsy. If you often feel fatigue after eating, try to pay attention for the type of food you consume earlier. Food allergy not always makes you to feel itchy, but may also makes you sleepy.
Solution: Try to stop eating one type of food to see if it correlates with the increased fatigue that you experience. You can also ask your doctor to test for food allergies.

Fibromyalgia and CFS

If your fatigue lasts more than six months and was so severe that you cannot manage daily activities, chronic fatigue syndrome (chronic fatigue syndrome / CFS) or fibromyalgia could be the cause. Both can have various symptoms, the main one is fatigue.

Solution: Though there is no quick cure for CFS or fibromyalgia, patients actually benefit from a few changes in their daily schedule, which are learning to improve sleeping habits, and begin a light exercise program.

Ways to reduce fatigue

Though you are not sick, you can still feel unreasonably tired. Try to do exercises then, because many research has shown that simple exercise program can help healthy adult to obtain extra energy. Spending 20 minutes riding stationary bicycles in a mild pace, 3 times a week, will likely help to treat fatigue.

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