What Causes Drooling While Sleeping

Causes of Drooling During Sleeping
There are different kinds of sleep disorders that can make a person feel embarrassed if known by others,

This condition may be frequently found in babies who would grow teeth,  the baby will drool during sleep or while awake. But it would be different if it occurs in people who are already adults.

Most people will notice it after waking up, or awaken because of a wet pillow. Drooling during sleep may be a normal phenomenon or could also occur as a result of certain medical conditions that can increase saliva production. However, this of course can be so embarrassing if the habit is known by others.

Drooling is also called sialorrhea, which is a condition experienced by millions of people in his sleep every night. This occurs when a person is dreaming in their rest time.
one of whom was drooling while sleeping. So what causes a person to drool while sleeping ? When a man drooling during sleep, it will certainly make him uncomfortable. Saliva from the mouth is sometimes difficult to be prevented, that makes people become embarrassed when they are awake.

What Causes Drooling When You Sleep

One cause of the condition is the result of dry mouth, which triggering the production of excess saliva. In addition there are also some other conditions, namely :

Sleeping with your mouth open. Sleep with these conditions cause dry mouth more quickly because moisture is lost from the mouth. This triggers the saliva in the mouth to get out, so that makes people drool.

Side effects of drugs consumed. Some drugs sometimes have side effects such as dry mouth or cause a disturbance in the glands that produce saliva charge.

Problems with teeth, such as infection in the teeth or gums that affects the person's saliva.

Have abnormal anatomy of the mouth, as the tongue is too big, too tight teeth or enlarged lymph nodes.

To overcome, one must know in advance what the causes of their drooling during sleep. The best way to reduce this condition is to avoid the side sleeping position, as this position will encourage the opening of jaw, causing them to open the mouth during sleep.

If the cause is a medical condition, it would not hurt to consult a doctor. If the amount of saliva secreted is excessive, then the doctor will prescribe medication to reduce the amount of water produced by the salivary glands. However, this drug should be over prescription because it can lead to dehydration.

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