What Causes Plastic Surgery To Be Very Popular Culture in Korea ?

Korean Plastic Surgery Before After
Korean Plastic Surgery Before-After

Aside from being famous boyband and girlband producer, South Korea also known as the most popular country in the world for faces makeovers. Plastic surgery has become a culture in Korea and almost all women aged 20-30 years had done plastic surgery. Most of them perform eye surgery (eyelid), nose and cheekbones. Plastic surgery is becoming a trend among actors and actress, which followed by most adolescents in Korea.

There is growing anecdotal in Korea "It is better to be poor than ugly". They believe that beauty and good looks are created and not inherited. Why plastic surgery very popular in Korea ?

Beauty Can Make You Get Job Easily

In Korea, competition for employment is very high. This is because the quality of one's physical appearance can be decisive to get a job. Residents who have good looks and beauty will be a lot easier to get a job than ordinary-look people. The majority of job seekers in Korea more worrying about their physical appearance than formal qualifications requested by the Company.

The Costs Are Relatively Cheap and Fast

Not only Korean residents, tourists from China or many European countries come to Korea to do plastic surgery because of their low cost and fast procedures. The result was smooth without a trace and almost perfect. For just eyelid surgery costs only about 20 million. Plastic surgery is just like changing the color of the hair because it was so easy.

Hospitals and Beauty Clinics Are Everywhere

Korea is the country's most advanced and innovative in the plastic surgery business. Places to do plastic surgery is very easy to find in Korea. Not only hospitals but also beauty clinic has been providing special packages for plastic surgery for its customers. Gangnam district, Korea's most elite area, are famous as a center for plastic surgery. Here there is a place that could change the face according to the desired design.

Plastic Surgery as a birthday gift

In Korea, when a child reach the age of 17, the parents give plastic surgery as birthday gift. In Korea, Parents push their children to do plastic surgery in order to look beautiful and to get a job easier. Most Koreans spend 30% of their income for plastic surgery.

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