What Causes Bleeding Gums and Swollen Gums ?

what causes bleeding gums Do you notice blood when brushing your teeth? In most cases, swollen and bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease. However, there are some other things that can cause gum problems. Whatever the reason, you still have to take care of gums and oral health. Here are the causes of bleeding gums

What causes bleeding gums

1. Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is a major cause of swelling and bleeding gum. Oral hygiene is not only done by brushing, because it will not remove all the plaque, tartar and calculus that accumulates on your teeth.

The word "calculus" here is not related to math, but it is a troublesome material (hardened plaque) that stuck to teeth and gum line

2. gingivitis

Gingivitis, is one of the causes of swollen and bleeding gums. That means your gums are inflamed. However, if this health problem is not taken seriously, gingivitis can be a serious illness. It is a chronic condition caused by long-term effects of plaque - the sticky substance derived from bacteria, mucus and food debris stuck in your teeth - and tartar.

3. Pregnancy or hormonal changes

The gums become more sensitive during pregnancy. It's called pregnancy gingivitis, and it is caused by fluctuations in hormone levels that increase blood flow to the gums and other tissues in the body. Pregnancy hormones also affect the body's normal response to bacteria, making you more susceptible to periodontal infection.

4. periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease occurs when gingivitis is not treated properly. While limited to the gums gingivitis, periodontal disease can spread to the tissues and bone that support the teeth. You can even see pus between the teeth and gums.

5. bleeding disorders

One of the most serious explanation for bleeding gums are bleeding disorders, such as idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Bleeding gums can be a sign of the inability of blood to clot, so that the gums and mouth are often the first place where the symptoms appear.

Here are five medical causes behind bleeding gums. Remember, oral hygiene also affect the health of the body as a whole. I hope this article answer your question about what causes bleeding gums.

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