What Causes Sleep Paralysis Disorder (Hallucinations & Chemical Involved)

what causes sleep paralysis disorder

Hey guys, do you ever suddenly awake during your sleep and can not move to get up ?
Yes, that is what often called Sleep Paralysis.

Last night when I was awake around 1:30 pm, I experienced the event and felt difficult to move the body, chest tightness make me hard to breathe. It's really torture me anyway.

Therefore I will make the article here about what exactly causes sleep paralysis disorder

What Causes Sleep Paralysis Disorder According to Scientists

Sleep paralysis or can not move when suddenly awakened in the middle of the night often associate with the presence of genie or ghost. The myth was soon left behind for sure, because scientists have found chemical compounds in the brain that trigger sleep paralysis.

A study at the University of Toronto found that sleep paralysis occurs due to chemical changes in the brain. Such changes cause the nerves that move the body temporarily paralyzed.  There are two chemical compounds involved in the paralysis of the nerves, namely glycine and GABA (gamma - aminobutyric acid).

When entering REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), both interchangeably occupied neurotransmitters and make nerve communication stopped. The exact mechanism is not known, but certainly the presence of both of these chemicals have been shown to cause paralysis when suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. So, it's not a ghost that press us, because the paralysis occurs in the brain rather than in our body motion tool.

REM sleep usually occurs after 90 minutes of our sleep and lasted almost all night. In this phase, the brain is very active so it can bring nightmare dreams / hallucinations which can cause people to talk while sleeping, or even walk and have sex without realizing it.

When there is sleep paralysis, brain activity remain on the REM phase, so it remains high. But the muscles of the body that must be consciously driven, can not respond to commands from the brain because the lines of communication through the nerves paralyzed temporarily as a result of the chemical compounds that trigger paralysis, namely glycine and GABA.

Scientists hope the findings could help to cope with various sleep disorders that occur during REM (REM Behavior Disorder). These disorders include the sleep talking and walking while sleeping.

That's a bit of understanding about what causes sleep paralysis disorder that I can summarize here through various sources, may be able to provide benefits to all of you. Don't forget to share this article with others.

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