How to Convince Your Wife To Breastfeed The Baby

breasteed a baby
A friend who recently became a father is in confusion and asked the group about breastfeeding. His wife who had just given birth said that she could not provide breast milk for their babies because when they first try to feed, the wife felt her milk did not come out, and her nipples were sore. Finally, the 'new dad' had to agree to give formula to their babies, even though he knows that the first intake of breast milk is best for babies.

In the case of a commitment to provide at least a minimum of exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months, the husband is mostly not the primary decision maker. The husband tends to leave the decision to give exclusive breastfeeding or not entirely to his wife. The reason is, because their wife is the one who have the device for feeding the baby. In fact, the key to the success of exclusive breastfeeding is both sides are committed to it. The wife and husband have to support each other so that the program can be completed to exclusively breastfeeding their baby until 6 months old, and hopefully up to 2 years. If your doctor said her condition is fine / healthy, let strengthened his intention to breastfeed.

In order to strengthen your wife's intention to give exclusive breastfeeding, of course, the husband must have sufficient knowledge about breastfeeding. How would you argue your wife if you lack of knowledge about exclusive breastfeeding? There are some tips you can do to assure her husband so as not to be stingy to nurse the baby. Do listen!

Convince wife that breast milk is the perfect food and beverages for infants aged 0-6 months and every baby want would want to be nursed by his loving mom.

The benefits and the nutritional content of breast milk, as follows:

Nutrition of Mother's Milk (Breastmilk)

Breast milk contains 87.5% water content, a baby who is getting enough milk does not require additional fluids from somewhere else despite the hot weather. Breastmilk's viscosity is suit to the gastrointestinal tract on infants, while the thicker viscosity of the formula sometimes causes diarrhea in infants.

Lactose, the main carbohydrate in milk is a source of energy for the brain to function 2 times more than the amount of infant formula, and is easily absorbed so it will not cause baby diarrhea caused by lactose intolerance (inability to digest lactose).

Whey proteins in breastmilk are more than its casein protein which is more easily absorbed by the baby's intestines, rather than formula milk which contains more casein protein. Breast milk is enriched with amino acid (whole protein), especially acid taurine which is good for brain development.

Vitamin E and A in breast milk is very high, and almost all water-soluble vitamins such as vitamins B, C and folic acid are in breast milk.

Minerals in milk such as calcium and zinc quality is better and more easily absorbed than the formula.

A newborn baby out of the mother's womb, will automatically search his mother's nipple and able to suck properly, if he is placed on top of his moms, despite the length of time the baby finds the nipple is vary. This indicates that each baby would want breast milk, and it becomes their right to have mother's milk.

Convince wife that every Mom is able to produce breast milk and breastfeeding

Breast milk has actually been produced since the 16th week of pregnancy and will continue to increase in number until the delivery. Do not think the milk that come out in the first days after delivery will be many / flow. Breast milk on the first day of delivery just looks like a nipple tip yellowish white point, and will drip if we press. Though it's only look like that, do not assume that your wife's breast milk will not come out, and then accepted the offer of medical formulas that are less committed to exclusive breastfeeding. No need to worry about the low supply of breast milk will cause the baby not be filling enough. Newborns still have enough food in their bodies derived from the placenta when the baby's mother was still in her mother's womb. Continue to nurse, and milk production will increase by itself. Breast milk out of the breasts from the first day until 2 weeks after birth contains a lot of colostrum. Colostrum contains antibodies needed to maintain the baby's immune system, such as the first natural immunization for babies. So too bad if in this time span, the baby is not breastfed.

What causes a mom to neglect breastfeeding a baby?
Failure in exclusive breastfeeding is usually caused by trauma of unpleasant first breastfeeding experience, such as discomfort or tingling, pain in the breast, and nipples become sore. This occurs because the baby is not sucking properly, this can be treated by performing Early Initiation of Breastfeeding. Put a newborn baby immediately on the chest of the mother for at least 1-2 hours, so that the baby will automatically look for the mother's nipple and start sucking it. Only after that the baby is free to be bathed by medical personnel. The result, when the next breastfeeding time come, the baby has no nipple confusion, and able to suck properly.  Early Initiation of Breastfeeding must be communicated in advance with medical personnel who will assist the childbirth process. In addition, Moms also have to find a comfortable position to breastfeed so that breastfeeding can run smoothly.

Convince wife that breastfeeding is good for health and beauty for the mother postpartum

Many women think that breastfeeding can cause breast go down, thereby reducing their confidence. In the fact, the cause of saggy breast after breastfeeding is not the breastfeeding itself, but the use of an oversize bra during pregnancy progresses. During pregnancy, breast volume will be enlarged, if not supported by a bra that fits, eventually causing breast go down and losing its firmer shape. Nursing mothers will lose weight faster than those who do not breastfeeding, as long as it is supported by a balanced diet. This is caused by the fact that breastfeeding will quickly burn body fat. Breastfeeding is also good for health, including accelerating the downsizing of the uterus, preventing ovarian cancer, and breast cancer.

Keep an eye on your wife's nutrition intake during breastfeeding

If your wife usually pay attention to your nutrition intake, now it's your turn to do the otherwise. Make sure that during the process of breastfeeding, your wife's foods contain of hygienic and balanced nutrition. Lactating women need extra 300-500 calories per day, and additional water intake (recommended 3.1 liters is equal to 13 cups). No need to overeat, just need to make sure that the needs of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are met. Add extra green vegetables and fruits in your wife diet, and make sure your wife to drink a glass of water after eating and feeding. Do not care about the restrictions that say the food is not good for a certain type of breast-feeding mothers as it may cause diarrhea in infants, or affect the taste of the milk. As long as they are consumed in moderate volume, they will not give you any problem.

Give extra attention to your wife and keep her in a good mood

Women who have just given birth become so sensitive, more than the 50% of them are experienced the baby blues. Baby blues is a condition where the moms feeling sad and depressed after giving birth. For example, crying for no reason, irritable, tired, anxious, do not pay attention to the baby. So take care of your wife's feeling, not because they already have a baby so you put your attention to the baby and forget his mother. Do not let the wife feels neglected, and was no longer at the center of your attention. Stress in nursing mothers can inhibit milk production, so the husbands need to make their wife happy in order to let the breast milk flows smoothly.

Recommend wife to do massage once a week

Massage will make her feeling more relaxed and comfortable, as well to loosen the rigid muscles after giving birth.

Offers a help to share daily core with your wife, make sure your wife have a quality rest

Having a baby in addition to fun also definitely troublesome especially until the age of 40 days in which babies still wake up in the middle of the night. Do not hesitate to give the slightest assistance to the wife, for example, changing diapers, holding the baby, preparing a bucket for shower, or waking up in the middle of the night to accompany your wife breastfeeding. Tired indeed, but this is a process that must be passed to become a parent. Never considered it as a heavy burden, work through it sincerely and it will be easy.

Remind your wife for taking a rest, especially when the baby is sleeping

Fatigue can lead to stress, decreased milk production impact.

Take care of your health

If you've done all of the above tips , then the last thing to do is pay attention to your own health condition. If the husband is ill, it will cause the wife not focus on breastfeeding the baby, since the father should be taken care too.
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