8 Effective Things To Help You Sleep Well At Night

Cannot Sleep
Do you often have difficulties in sleeping? You are not alone, many people have trouble sleeping. I have listed 8 effective things that can help you sleep well at night. Hope it helps
  1. Schedule your sleep time
    You must first set a time to sleep and wake up. So if you go to bed at an hour that you previously specified, you must have slept in that time as well. Likewise with when you wake up, you also have to set the wake up time you have specified. At a minimum you sleep 8 hours per day. Do this every day, you will see improvement in your sleep quality.
  2. Limit your nap time
    Don’t take a nap too long. Make sure you sleep only around 10-30 minutes. If you sleep too much at the afternoon, you may can’t sleep well at night.
  3. Take a bath after work
    Doing activities can raise your body temperature, especially when you’re going to sleep, this will potentially make you wakeful. Showering after work can reduce your body temperature, so it may help you sleep well. I suggest to take a bath at a time you return home after finish working, and not just before you’re going to bed.
  4. A comfy bed
    Make sure that you are comfortable with your sleeping bed. Sleeping bed should not be too narrow so it’s hard to move around freely.
  5. Turn light off
    Turn the light off during your bedtime can make you sleep quicker. But you can also dim the lights around you just before bedtime to induce drowsiness, so that you may fall asleep. Exposed to bright light before your bedtime will make you difficult to sleep.
  6. Shutdown your computer
    If you are gamer or computer freak that spend most time to browse the internet, I suggest you to shut down your computer around 30 minutes before your bedtime. Take a time to relax and rest your brain, so that you may sleep well.
  7. Exercises
    Try to do exercises every day. You can do jogging or bicycling in the morning. Many research showed positive correlation between exercise and the quality of sleeping.
  8. Turn of your phone or gadget
    Don’t take your phone or tablet go to bed with you. If you are busy with your tablet and phone at bed, you may find difficulties to sleep well. Turn it off an hour before you go to bed. This will help you sleep well.
These are 8 simple effective things to help you sleep well at night. Avoid the causes of insomnia and apply the tips every day. Don’t stay up or sleep late at night too many times, it can disturb your health. Take care of your health always.

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