What Causes Snoring?

If we are talking about snoring, it is actually a very common problem that people all over the world may experience. While a mild snoring problem is nearly not noticeable, in a heavy case, it is clearly very annoying, especially to the snorers sleeping partner. Regarding snoring causes itself, there are so many things out there that may be a possible reason to one persons snoring. Mainly, it is due to the physical abnormality and it is the turbulent air movement that makes the snoring sound during your sleep.

Main Snoring Causes

Sleep apnea, which is considered as a life threatening condition, has the snoring as one of its symptoms. It needs to know other peoples input and do certain physical examination for confirming if you have snoring problem. People with too much nasal and floppy or throat tissue in their throat are more prone to vibrate and snore. Also, with the narrower air passage that men have, it is a true fact that they are more prone to snoring rather than women.

The noisy sound comes from the upper part of your throat and your tongue meet with uvula and soft palate to respond the vibration when you breathe in. It is either caused by the bad throats and tongues muscle tone or having soft muscles due to too much alcohol consumption. Exercising properly should get rid of this snoring type. While the unhealthy lifestyle problem such as smoking, alcohol, and sleeping pills consumption may also contribute to snoring causes, a heavy weight body could also bring an amount of fatty cells that interfere the nasal area. There is also a possibility of allergy leading to nasal congestion and tissue inflammation.

Soft palate would become flaccid when you are sleeping, which is being another main reason to cause snoring. Eliminating the loud snoring caused by the vibration can be done by wearing an anti snoring mouthpiece to hold your lower chin forward, or otherwise you can also take surgery as the last resort. However, a snoring mouthpiece device is quite effective to this situation, and surgery is always being the last thing you may think of.

Secondary Snoring Causes

The air flow through the tonsils is hindered if there are some inflamed tissues in your sinus passage, which leads to snoring problem. It is not dangerous if your loud breathing is not caused by sleep apnea. It is wise to check if you have it as sleep apnea symptom or not. If it is not the case, you still need to cure it for the sake of your bed partners comfy night rest.

Inflamed or enlarged adenoids and tonsils are some causes of snoring in kids. Additional causes of it lie in the tumors or cysts, too, even though we would only see this problem in a few people. Too much fat in the neck could also give you more chance to heavy snoring. Pulling air with the nasal passages when you have stuffy nose will result in snoring. Various snoring causes would need various types of remedy, too.

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